How to pay the debts with personal loan?

March 8, 2019


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If you are in debt, you can use the personal loan to pay off your debts.

But pay attention, personal loan should be used to exchange more expensive debt for cheaper debt, such as credit card debt and overdraft specials that increase rapidly. In these cases, it is worth exchanging that debt for the loan, as a way to keep in control your finances.

Swapping your credit card debt for the loan may be worth it.

Companies offering personal loans

Some companies offer personal credit quickly, securely and reliably, and most importantly, without the bureaucracy of many banks, check out our suggestions:


The company offers loans ranging from R $ 200 to R $ 3000, with terms of payment of up to 12 months and monthly rates of 11.7% to 15.7%.


If you need bigger values, maybe Rebel is a good option. It offers loans ranging from $ 1000 to $ 25,000, and can be paid in up to 24 months, with friendlier interest rates ranging from 2.9% to 9.9% per month.


If you are denied, then Simplic should be considered as an alternative when applying for a personal loan. It offers loans ranging from $ 500 to $ 3500, and can be split in up to 12 months, with a fixed interest rate of 15.8% per month.


Another option for those who are denied is Noverde. Fintech offers loans ranging from R $ 500 to R $ 4000, and interest ranging from 7.9% to 15.9% per month, with a possibility of payment in up to 1 year.

When is it worth getting a loan to pay off debt?

Here’s how to pay off a loan to pay off a debt:

When interest on the loan is lower

So-called compound interest are good when you are investing, but they can also increase your debt a lot if you do not pay the installments.

So if you get a loan where the interest rate is lower than the one applied on your debt it pays to acquire this type of service.

To get away from the credit card rotary

Credit card rates are one of the most expensive in the financial market, getting around 15% a month. So, when you paid only the minimum of the card, the rest of the amount was automatically funded.

From 2018, the Central Bank stipulated new rules and increasing the debtor balance became more difficult. Now the customer can only pay the invoice minimum for 1 month.

If the customer is unable to pay the bill in full in the next month, the bank must propose financing (with interest of up to 10% per month).

Despite these changes, it still pays to take out a loan to repay debt.

To clear your name

Many lenders offer advantageous discounts to anyone who wants to pay off their debt. So if your goal is to clear your name, getting a loan may be worth it.

You negotiate with the lender to get a discount and take out a loan with interest rates lower than that of your current debt.

And between 3 and 5 business days after the payment of the first installment or the total value of the debt, your name is already on the SPC / Serasa list.

To get discount with advance payment

 To get discount with advance payment

Serasa annually holds an event so that negative people can regularize their situation. Generally, in this market it is possible to negotiate the debt with discounts and to remove the debts. There are cases of reduction of up to 90% of the debt.

Another situation is to try to negotiate the debt repayment directly with the lender. Once you realize that you have the value to pay off the debt, it is very likely that the company would rather receive a lower amount than not receive the payment.