WATCH: Goyo’s post-production process: Ang Batang Henral


( Since Jerrold tarog‘s Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral Released in theaters, the film was hailed not only for its portrayal of a hero working through his flaws, but also for its masterful execution. After all, there is more to cinema than just filming a scene. There’s also the intense post-production process that follows, which includes meticulous color grading, painstakingly produced sound effects, and stunningly detailed visual effects. What if you were impressed with how Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral turned out, here’s your chance to find out more: The people behind the film posted a video showing how it was made.

In the video, Joe alandy, Goyo: Ang Batang HeneralThe producer and post-production supervisor of, explains how different people and studios actually worked on the film. “We work with some of the best here, not just in the Philippines, but also in Southeast Asia and Asia,” he shares.

For the calibration, they teamed up with “the best colourist in the Philippines”, Marilen Magsaysay of Media Is Productions. According to his IMDB page, she also worked on Sunday Beauty Queen and Dying Beautiful. “As a colourist you have to use your imagination [to] find ways to improve a situation where you want to take them to a different world, ”she shares.


As for the sound effects, they collaborated with Wildsound Studios and its owner Mike Idioma, of which recent works understand Citizen Jacques, Miss Granny, and Liway, to only cite a few. Alandy reveals that the team mixed for Dolby Atmos, “which is very rarely done in the Philippines.” Idioma says that’s what will give impact to the beautiful images in the film. “What’s the point is not good Atmos pero wala namang ipalalabas na local titles, ‘di ba? ”He also talks about how Tarog is focused on details with sounds, like the difference between the sound of an American weapon and that of a Filipino weapon.

They also worked with Blackburst Inc. for the visual effects of the film. According to the visual effects director Jauhn Dablo, it took around 60 to 65 animators to work on the film. They had to seamlessly add and remove elements in the scenes and the background because the locations already had modern features. You will be amazed at the places where Goyo (played by Paulo avelino) led his soldiers were in fact just a green screen.


Ultimately, everyone who worked on the film explains how well all the tedious and hard work is worth when they see audiences enjoying what they’ve created.

Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral is in theaters.

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