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Costing is a very complex process, with established templates and guidelines followed by the industry. and it is difficult to find the costs for each process because there are costs inherent in costing, elaborated Saroj Bala and Tripti Gupta.

Woven fabrics are used worldwide for many applications such as clothing, furnishings, accessories, industrial and medical textiles. Global production of woven fabrics is estimated to increase by 35 million tonnes by 2010, and most of this growth will occur in Asia. It is also estimated that Asia will become the largest fabric supply market for the garment and garment industry. The cost of fabrics for clothing manufacturers is one of the most important aspects of clothing production. About 65-70% of the cost of the garment is the cost of the fabric and therefore it is very important to get the right cost of the fabric from the fabric manufacturers and suppliers.

A wide variety of fabrics are used in the export / domestic market for different end uses. Buyers send specifications and the fabric is to be developed according to the design trend. Clothing manufacturers source fabrics with specific construction and characteristics in different quantities for different end uses. Clothing manufacturers find it difficult to get the best possible cost out of the fabric. It would be interesting to know the important points to consider in order to have a global understanding of the costs. Costing appears to be a complex exercise as it depends on a number of variables. The costs are calculated taking into account the entire production process and the machines involved. However, in this article, the authors only consider commercial costs with the cost of manufacturing and the cost of wet processing in mind.

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Ms. Saroj Bala is an associate professor and Ms. Tripti Gupta, an assistant professor, are at the Pearl Academy of Fashion in New Delhi.

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